Most boys also

Most boys also Most girls just manipulating objects in space, reading cards and higher mathematics seem to matter more difficult than most boys and girls use so why tick solving problems other than boyish.

It turns out that there are sex differences in procedure tures information gathering and problem-solving methods.

Eg measures, most girls think that to read the map lay Th if turning it facing.

Most boys also easier to see the direction in my head.

In girls, there is a tendency to approach to solving verbally NIJ mathematical problems, while boys are more likely assumption read in solving problems use visual aids.

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If you study

If you study Any immorality - is the inability to cope with life, no freedom, ka n ch.

Education - the natural ability to become capable.

If man sees with e godnyashnyuyu need to learn something - he learns with great effect.

If you study each time adds a new ability, skill, opening - he learns with pleasure and eat.

The most powerful incentive in training - Sex in chilos .

All our learning problems - the result of a total lack of stimulus, and hence with smy la study.

Can be formulated as do traditional three laws.

Learning Goal : Learning - a natural property of man to develop their cn lities and opportunities to adapt to their environment itself : the earth, nature and tehn and ky used on society and people, including his own body and mind.

Product training : learning takes place, in order to create some kind of skill, it is important to first for a better life .

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Then the fire is brought

Then the fire is brought Next, light the candle and repeat with the children the word Woe cho as described in lesson number 1 Fire: put out the candle.

Then the fire is brought to a teaspoon a bit of snow.

Snow melts on Chapter doses in children and turns into water.

Water poured from a spoon in a cup.

Teaspoon of snow is brought to fire several times, and gradually accumulates in the cup a little water.

Stir the water in the cup, infuse it with the words: Water: Bull Bull (lesson number 10), encouraging children to joint repetition of these words.

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Geography long

Geography long Maybe it's better to learn about the mic circuit? .


Biology has long ago outgrown and denied Mendel and Oparin.

Medicine has become the eastern half, but in such a way as to actively displaced moozdorovleniem.

History, with the next change of government, radically revised - even if not taken seriously new chronology Fomenko.

Geography long time to become the type of tourism.

Almost half a century literature can not be reduced to the Russian classics Music has grown from traditional classics like a tree from a seed.

M and terializm stopped arguing with idealism and quietly dumped into the fog.

Border rapidly ter I was meaning.

Most urgently needed in life became real knowledge of rights and laws, English, n and ap, foundations, business and marketing.

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This period

This period Trading companies have got wind of it, and now you can buy a bra for nine-year girl.

Undergoes significant changes in both the body and the adolescent brain.

This period is very important for brain development.

Because of the capital restructuring of the brain in adolescents impaired ability to make correct decisions related to risk.

They take more time to understand, good or bad what they offer, and friends can incite them to commit dangerous acts.

Adolescents also limited the ability to correctly recognize and show emotions, despite the fact that at this age they trust the most just emotions.

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